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Beginners Guide To Branding

There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding brand and what it actually means, so we thought we’d write a beginners guide to help you decide on your strengths and your weaknesses. In short, your brand is your business. It tells people how you work, what you think and what to expect if they were to work with you. A potential client will draw these conclusions subconsciously so it’s crucial that you use your brand to communicate the right messages about you. Here are our top 3 tips.

1) Dare To Be Different

Different business sectors tend to stick to the same colours. Health care business’ use greens, fast food outlets use reds, so the first thing to do is research the advertising trends within your market and see how you can do the opposite. Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ campaign chose to feature curvier and older women to advertise their products which heralded a million pound return on investment. And why, because everyone else was doing the opposite.

2) Consistency

Once you have carefully chosen your typographic style, colour pallet, images and tag line, you must use them in everything you do. They can be modified to suit each medium, such as an icon for your Twitter page, or a promotional advertising banner, as long as they retain their signature qualities. Emails must be written in the font of your logo tagline, and your business name can even be written in the colour of the logo when mentioned in text. Also make sure you’re optimizing on opportunities to promote your brand. If you use a shared kitchen space at work, order a branded mug for as little as

3) Up Your Customer Care

An online presence takes away the personal touch of walking into a shop and meeting a member of staff, so it’s important that your digital shop front addresses this. By making your online presence as personable as possible, you gain the financial benefit of online sales, whilst upholding the same level of customer care. One way of doing this is by tailoring the tone for your written content to your target market. Your voice should communicate your brand in the same way that a blurb will set the tone of a book. If you manage an allotment for example, the publicity material might deliver a feel good tone, perhaps acknowledging the individual’s interest in sustainability and how rewarding this could be. Sling Shot street game designers on the other hand use dramatic and quirky vocabulary, using excessive page breaks and creative punctuation in their written correspondences, perfectly representing their games.

The importance of using the auction site Deal Dash to save money

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The bidder should register in the account of the of the auction site Deal Dash to start bidding. Every product on the site will have the bids so the bids should be bought by the bidder before bidding. The bidding time will be 30 seconds and the every bidder should bid for 30 seconds. The bidder can select the product desired to buy which may be the most expensive one sop that the people can buy the desired product at a low price through Deal Dash. The bid rate ranges from 60 dollars to 1000 dollars and the bidding price will start from $0.00 then it increase with an interval of $0.01 within the 30 seconds. The details of the product with the bid points will be displayed from and if the product is bought then the bidder will lose the bid points.

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